Cost of running personal static website on AWS

Alexander Dragunov · June 28, 2019

It’s been more than two months since I moved my photo portfolio website and this blog to AWS. And I wanted to share my experience in running it, some statistics and, the most important, how much did I pay for it.

In short, what do I have/use:

  • Amazon Route 53 with two hosted zones (my photo web site domain and one playground domain)
  • AWS Certificate Manager for enabling https
  • Amazon S3 for storing static assets and for static website hosting
  • Amazon CloudFront for content delivery / content caching

So, in total, how much did I pay last month (my photo portfolio web site and blog):

0.86$ per month including VAT!

If we go into details per each specific service:


PLease note, that I have one more hosted zone for my playground domain, which is included in screenshot below.


As I use base price class of CloudFront, I use only US, Canada and Europe as edge locations.


By looking at Google Analytics, I can see that I have other traffic sources like Asia.


As next step I’ll change price class for the CloudFront distributions to include more edge locations and compare the bill at the end of next month.

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